You have one week or Mainland will be destroyed. Instructions inside.

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You may not have heard of me, but know this Shirecraft: I have heard of you. So allow me to make my grand introduction..

I am the Twelfth Knight. I am your better, your end.

Shirecraft is old, corrupt. It is time for something new to arise. Out of the ashes will rise, like a phoenix, something new, better. But first, the old must burn.

And so, I have placed bombs all around your precious Mainland. I will destroy it all: Oranjestad, Lamename, Plaza, everything.  In fact, as a show of resolve, I have already destroyed a building in Plaza. The end is nigh, Shirecraft.

However, I will not let you go down without a fight. I will allow you the chance to prove to me that you are worthy of my forgiveness.

At the location of the Plaza explosion is a riddle. That riddle will take you somewhere in Mainland. There, you will find another, more difficult, riddle. This little quest goes everywhere… Many places you have probably never even heard of! Which is why you should just give up now. Nevertheless, if you can reach the end of the puzzle chain (which you won’t), then I shall relinquish control of my explosives to the lords.

But you won’t be successful Shirecraft. I am smarter, better, newer. You have one week. Good luck-- You’ll need it.


(OOC Note: This is an in character quest! Have fun with it!)
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  • pc1894pc1894 Member, Wiki Editor

    Josie, is that you?

  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Can't we just reload mainland from a previous save?
  • @pc1894 Josietopia is next. Muwhahahahahaha
  • as long as fulfwotz is safe
  • There seems to be little to no concern for mainland when a SUPER VILLAIN is threatening to destroy it. DAE? 
  • pc1894pc1894 Member, Wiki Editor
  • HayHay Lord

    I wish I could "haha" this 50 times
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    [quote="TheTwelfthKnight;1020"] You have one week.
    Off-topic question: Is this a business week, a weekday week, or a 7 day week? 

  • [quote="TheTwelfthKnight;3524"]There seems to be little to no concern for mainland when a SUPER VILLAIN is threatening to destroy it. DAE? [/quote]

    I think we're all calling your bluff.  Come at me, bro.

    (no but really someone pls do the quest its a lot of fun. and totally not dangerous.) 
  • Do I get to die in this one too? I mean I'm basically Kenny...
  • wtf! my rare earth emporium has been totally raped!  I built that before we even went public, you sonofabitch
  • nebbersnebbers Lord
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    Stuck on trying to find location 3.  Clue makes no sense.  Also the first clue makes no sense but i still found the 2nd location.
  • nebbersnebbers Lord
    edited July 2015
    Also there's a typo in clue at 2nd spot.  You ignorant terrorist bastard.
  • Destroy the Mainland Subway and I'll flip out. Kthx.
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Yeah way too many areas where the 3rd clue could lead
  • edited July 2015

    Ahahaha the second clue! You might need to go to subway for a snack after that one. 
  • John117John117 Member, Engineer, Wiki Editor
    Isn't subway copyrighted? Could the server get sued if someone made a subway store? This is dangerous territory.
  • @john117 ;

    well with all of the Costa Copys around... 
  • Don't remind me
  • The clue for the third location is like those old math questions in school tests. "If Gerald has 10 raspberries and an ostrich cuts a lemon into quarters, can a dwarf explain why kids love cinammon toast crunch?" It makes no sense. me and Hay together couldn't figure that one out and we tried for an hour
  • @lord_drekar ;

    Perhaps looking near a certain occupied area of mainland would help? 
  • nebbersnebbers Lord
    edited July 2015
    OMFG... ok I stumbled across a few locations because the clues make no sense.  But i found the end at least, no thanks to the awful clues.  Bomb deactivated.
  • @nebbers ;

    I have been foiled! Damn! 

    I'll get you next time, Shirecraft... With my crappy puzzles and empty threats! I will beat you! 

  • pls lern 2 quest ty
  • pc1894pc1894 Member, Wiki Editor
    I hve beten le quest pls who r u even?
  • I'm batman
  • @pc1894 ;

    Who I am matters not! I will return, Shirecraft! I will beat you... With crappy puzzles and empty threats! 

  • TwelfthKnight - you should post the locations and clues here so we can try to make sense of them for real... I'm pretty sure I skipped a step and got lucky.
  • This is a good idea. It'd be nice to see how they match up.
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