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Building Competitions

Occurring multiple times annually, players are challenged to build within a certain theme.

Haunted Escape Room

Build something original, with a puzzle element. The puzzle could be a storyline, or it could use redstone. Work alone or as a pair. Starts 3pm UTC.

Started 24 Oct 2021. Ended 21 Nov 2021.

Back To School

As we approach the end of summer, can you remember your school? "Back To School" invites you to build a place of learning. Need some inspiration? Consider Hogwarts, your local Library, or even the school you went to. Build solo or in a pair.

Started 22 Aug 2021. Ended 05 Sep 2021.


1. SeagullsRule 🏆
1. Suntinfunny 🏆
2. Malaclord
3. Theta108
3. CoffeeAndChill


The theme is open to interpretation. Boats, Airships, Spaceships.... Entrepreneurship? Come join today at /warp BC!

Started 01 May 2021. Ended 23 May 2021.


1. Master_Chief 🏆
2. frankStapleton
3. Theta108


January building competition. Take part at ‘/warp BC’.

Started 10 Jan 2021. Ended 31 Jan 2021.


1. Zoncula 🏆
2. LunaLion77
2. Wuggeh

Top Players This Week

  1. Player Head of MotoAviation MotoAviation +1
  2. Player Head of Mad_Thinker Mad_Thinker +1
  3. Player Head of Tsukimiya Tsukimiya +1
Resets every Monday at 00:01 UTC

Top Players Overall

  1. Player Head of CoffeeAndChill CoffeeAndChill 81
  2. Player Head of blueberrycereal blueberrycereal 78
  3. Player Head of Malaclord Malaclord 78
  4. Player Head of DirewolfofDoom DirewolfofDoom 69
  5. Player Head of Aedesius Aedesius 55