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Treasure Hunts

Explore the world while looking for dropped treasure.

Thanksgiving 2022

Turkeys are roaming The Shire! There are hot beverages, roast dinners and turkeys to be found in Mainland, Applewoods, Beauregard, Clarisse and Hulduh├│ll. First place wins a cosmetic perk.

Started 24 Nov 2022. Ended 28 Nov 2022.

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Halloween 2022

There are spooky treats to be found! They've been spotted at the spawn, FridayFunland, Mandolin, Halloween Town, Boneyard and Pangea Valley. Can you avoid the spiders and find the Spooky Penguin?

Started 27 Oct 2022. Ended 04 Nov 2022.

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Easter 2022

The Easter Bunny needs your help collecting eggs in Taman, Zephyr, Paarsdam, Mandolin, and Tomoya!

Started 15 Apr 2022. Ended 23 Apr 2022.

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Festive 2021

Oh no, Santa's gone and lost all of the presents again! Save Christmas by helping Santa. He thinks they fell out over Ice Castle, Winterville, Ski Resort, Naoki, and Spawn.

Started 24 Dec 2021. Ended 08 Jan 2022.

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