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Treasure Hunts

Explore the world while looking for dropped treasure.

Easter 2021

The Easter Bunny has discovered all their eggs have been contaminated by ingredients from Fulfwotz! Help the Easter Bunny gather replacement eggs from El Dorado, Havana, Slyy Golf and Spawn; save Easter before it's too late!

Started 28 Mar 2021. Ended 11 Apr 2021.

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Festive 2020

Santa has lost some gifts and needs your help! He thinks they fell over Aetheria, Hulduholl, Spawn and Zhensk.

Started 20 Dec 2020. Ended 31 Dec 2020.

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Halloween 2020

Halloween Treasure Hunt 2020. Take part at Spawn, Galleria, Naoki, and in the building competition world!

Started 01 Nov 2020. Ended 11 Nov 2020.

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Top Players This Week

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Top Players Overall

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